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Chapter 628 review

Chapter 628: Here and from now on

Not surprisingly, the chapter opens with a return to the battlefield where Naruto and co are facing off against Obito and Madara. The Uchiha duo release powerful fire attacks against the Alliance, but the Kyuubi coat protects them all. Sakura is concerned that this will take a toll on Naruto, and indeed, he does look exhausted.

weary naruto
Controlling all that Kyuubi chakra is wearying, even for Naruto.

Behind Naruto, Obito suddenly materializes and Kakashi calls out in warning. Obito doesn't attack, though--he still apparently intends to convince Naruto to give in with TNJ. The Kyuubi also privately warns Naruto of the risks of keeping this up, noting that the Juubi looks like he's gearing up for another attack.

Naruto responds to Obito, saying that having everyone close to him makes him stronger. He tries to attack Obito, but Obito teleports out of the way, as usual. He taunts Naruto by saying that since he thinks the pain of losing a friend is a strong bond, then he has no need of protecting his friends. Naruto tells him to quit with the stupid reasoning, and insists that he won't give up. Kakashi privately wonders what Obito is trying to accomplish.

Sakura thinks Naruto’s TNJ > Obito’s TNJ.

Meanwhile, Madara has sensed a powerful chakra in the distance, and recognizes it as his old friend and rival Hashirama. But it's just a tease. We won't see that company in this chapter, alas.

anticipating hashirama
That expression will fuel fandom speculation to no end.

The Juubi starts to resist the sand jutsu that was keeping it at bay for the moment. The Kyuubi warns Naruto that things are about to get bad. Obito adds that he and Madara are planning to cut the Juubi loose, so that it will just run amok, and adds that it might be better if he became its Jinchuuriki instead.

Kakashi tries to use Kamui to banish the Juubi, but he is intercepted by Obito, and they both disappear into the Kamui dimension together.

obito and kakashi
Obito and Kakashi face off.

And then, the Juubi goes wild.

Thoughts on the chapter
  • Talk no jutsu

  • I wonder along with Kakashi--why does Obito bother with persuasion? He has plenty of firepower, and does not seem to have any compunctions about causing destruction and death. What is he trying to accomplish?

  • Madara's reaction to Hashirma's chakra

  • All cracks aside—what is it that Madara is expecting now that Hashirama is on his way? Does he still see Madara as a rival? Is he hoping to rub it in Hashirama’s face that the ninja village that was his dream is in trouble?

  • Obito, Kakashi, and Kamui

  • I have to admit, I didn’t find this chapter too exciting, since it was just pointless fighting that didn’t really go anywhere. But the part where Obito and Kakashi disappeared into the Kamui dimension together interested me the most, because it could be the set up for an interesting confrontation between them, possibly with more informative flashbacks. I’m hoping this will set us up to learn why Kakashi killed (or appeared to have killed) Rin.

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