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Chapter 605 Review

Chapter 605: Hell

The last chapter I reviewed, chapter 599, showed Obito’s past in a visual sequence that had almost no text. Similarly, this chapter is told more through the artwork than through the words, so I’m going to focus the summary around just a few of the images from the chapter that I found the most striking.

rin falls

Rin falls.

The chapter picks up where the last one left off, with Rin mortally wounded by Kakashi’s hand. Obito witnesses from a distance, while a swarm of Mist-nin gather all around.


While Kakashi weeps and Obito watches in shock, the Mangekyo Sharingan forms in their shared eyes.

After the Mangekyo Sharingan appears, Kakashi passes out, and Obito releases a primal scream that draws the attention of the Mist-nin. While white spikes spout from his back, Obito thinks, “This…I will never acknowledge.” The Mist-nin perceive him as an enemy and move in to attack, but they can’t seem to touch him.

obito's rage

When the Mist-nin attack, they find him insubstantial, but Obito counterattacks with vicious results.

Obito proceeds to wipe out the Mist-nin a few at a time in a multi-page massacre. The Mist-nin try to at least obtain Rin’s body, which seems to be valuable to them, but to no avail. The white clone that Obito still wears like an armor comments on his skill at using the Mokuton so quickly, hinting that this is why Madara “chose” him.

melting into the moon

A dream-like sequence of images culminates in this one: a mass of Mokuton-engulfed bodies melting into the moon.

The battlefield suddenly goes still, as the Mist-nin who remain seem disinclined to confront the seemingly invincible masked man. A disoriented Obito thinks, “Where am I?” He then seems to retreat into some sort of vision or dream.

bleeding eye

Obito looks upon Rin’s body with his bleeding eye.

Inside this strange nightmare, Obito finds Rin’s broken body. The mask warps away from his face to reveal the right side is covered with blood from his new Mangekyo. Obito declares that he is in hell.

Thoughts on the chapter
  • Mangekyo Sharingan - At last we know how Kakashi achieved the Mangekyo Sharingan, although it’s not entirely clear why it remained latent (or at least, hidden) between now and Kakashi’s re-introduction after the time skip. My guess is that since Kakashi blacked out right after the Mangekyo formed, he may not have actually realized he possessed it until many years later.

  • ”This…I will never acknowledge.” - When I read this line, I sensed that we are seeing the reason why Obito backs the moon’s eye plan. He seeks a way to avoid acknowledging the painful truths of life, such as Rin’s death.

  • Rin’s body - Why do the Mist-nin want her? Could whatever power or knowledge contained within her body be the reason she was killed? I hope this will be answered in the next chapter.

  • Madara’s agenda - The clone’s comment that Madara chose Obito is intriguing. What is Madara up to here? This makes it sound like his rescue of Obito was less of a coincidence than it seemed at first. And what does this tell us about Obito’s power? Why is he such a quick study with the Mokuton?

  • A vision in a dream - That last sequence is so bizarre, I’m at a loss for how to explain it. Anyone else want to take a crack at what is going on there?

I apologize for this section being so sparse. I thought it was a great chapter—in fact, I’m finding this whole arc gripping, regardless of my mixed feelings about the change to Obito’s character. However, grad school is eating my brain, so…that’s all for now.

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