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Chapter 587 Review

Chapter 587: At 9:00...

This chapter continues to follow the Uchiha brothers. Kabuto is subdued by Izanami, and Itachi takes a moment to explain to Sasuke how it works, and why it does not require eye contact, as other Sharingan jutsu do.


This flow chart shows how Izanami works by memorizing the sensations of two moments and overlapping them to form a loop.

Itachi also explains that Izanami was created to be a check on the power of Izanagi. Since Izanagi could be abused, especially if more than one person could use it, Izanami was created to counteract Izanagi, so that instead of getting the desirable change of results, the user of Izanagi would be trapped in a loop. That is why it can be escaped if you acknowledge the results and stop trying to avoid them.


Itachi explains how Izanagi and Izanami work together.

Itachi chose to use this jutsu on Kabuto because he sympathizes with him and wants him to learn to accept that he is fallible. Itachi says that he and Kabuto were both played by the shinobi world, and couldn't forgive and accept themselves (and their limitations). He wants to give Kabuto the chance to learn this before dying, something he regrets not having done himself.

Sasuke is angry, and argues that Kabuto is nothing like Itachi—that Itachi is perfect. But Itachi wants to show Sasuke this is not true. He confesses to having attempted to use an eye jutsu to control Sasuke (the one he planted in Naruto with the crow). Itachi regrets that he didn't have enough trust in Sasuke. He says that he doesn't believe that perfection exists, but affirms that people can learn.

The chapter then shifts back to Kabuto's POV inside the genjutsu. The projection of Itachi tries to convince him to acknowledge his mistakes, but he won't listen. Kabuto wants to know what Itachi means by “mistake”. Kabuto thinks back on his past and thinks that he just wanted to be acknowledged. Itachi says he needs to acknowledge his real self, instead of relying on lies. Kabuto doesn't understand. He regrets being trapped by Itachi so that his goals are delayed, thinking how it is already after bedtime...

Elsewhere on the battlefield, two rank and file Leaf shinobi are waiting out the night. One of them notices that it's after 9:00. They talk about what they will do when the war ends, and the one who noted the time says that he hopes if it ends in peace for the 5 nations that his brother, who has been away on a mission for a long time, will return home. He invites the other ninja to come back to his home at the orphanage as well, and we realize that he is Urushi, Kabuto's “brother” from the orphanage, and that it is Kabuto he is speaking of and longing to see again.


Kabuto's “brother” still misses him and wishes he would come home.

The chapter ends with a single panel of the Uchiha brothers. Itachi declares that he will now end the Edo Tensei.

Thoughts on the chapter

  • Uchiha brothers' heart-to-heart

    I like seeing Itachi acknowledge at least some of his mistakes, especially in how he tried to manipulate Sasuke. I wonder, though, if there is still more to come as far as conversation between the brothers, and if Itachi has anything of plot significance, rather than just emotional (or maybe thematic) significance to reveal. I hope we get at least one more chapter before he disappears, but considering what he says in the last panel of this chapter, I suppose we may not.

  • Izanagi and Izanami

    The explanation of how Izanagi and Izanami work together sort of made sense, but it's strange that it doesn't really seem to account for the fact that these jutsu destroy the user's vision. Each eye can only provide these techniques one time, so how could Izanagi really be abused that much? And how practical would Izanami be at counteracting it, really? That part sort of bothered me, because I can't picture any circumstances in which these eye jutsu would be used that extensively, unless they were used by someone like Danzo who steals the eyes of many people. And since the Sharingan is supposed to be rare even among the Uchiha, how would that even be possible in any case except for one following mass murder of the clan?

  • Kabuto's brother

    I have to admit that seeing Kabuto's old companion from the orphanage still hoping for him to return did pull at my heartstrings a bit. I never would have expected this turn of events for Kabuto, and it almost makes me wish to see him redeemed somehow. Could that be a real possibility? Or is Kishimoto just pumping up the drama for his impending death?

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