[FINAL CHAPTER] 700: Uzumaki Naruto!!!

Naruto manga
1999 - 2014

Fifteen years. And what a run it's been. I will be the first to admit that this manga has plenty of flaws. Once or twice in the past, I've actually stopped and asked myself why I was still reading it. And the answer to that question is that I'm attached to this manga. I've grown attached enough to these characters that I wanted to know how their story ended. And aside from that, I've met many wonderful people through this fandom. I may criticize it, but I'm glad I decided to stick it out until the very end. (Well, the end of the manga anyway. Aside from Naruto: The Last, Kishi plans to cash in by making a mini-series about the main characters' children soon.)

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Naruto 694: Naruto and Sasuke (1)

I'm later than usual, and there's no pictures this week (unless I find a moment to put them in later) but I will try to make up for that with the discussion, even though I feel like I'm rehashing a lot of old issues with it. It also might interest you all to know that Shonen jump has confirmed Naruto will be ending in 5 chapters, so this is possibly my last review. Even if that's the case I'm thinking we should all do something to give the series a send-off, if time and enthusiasm allows.

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I somehow did not realize I was supposed to do chapter 691, and I have no spare time to write a last-minute review. It was a good chapter, though, so I hope someone will be able to put up a review, even if it's a short one. Any takers?